Norn Animal Spirit of Guild Wars 2

When you create a norn does your animal spirit (in the character creation) give you one of the transformations in the beginning of the game and then you can learn the rest later? Or do you learn all 4 later? its for your personally story you have to learn them at level 30. your chosen spirit changes only your personal story and how your character reacts to the world, the transformations are norn specific elites, so you will be able to learn all of them but not until unlocking them each individually at lvl 30.

This was quoted from gw wiki norn page “Norn racial skills are related to their spirits. The player’s choice of totem does not restrict the skills and abilities available to the character. ” I believe that when you reach the level to have the elites you will gain access to all of them. If you have to make at least one norn like me to play the personal storie, make a norn with heavy armor is what i think, their other armors arent that cool in my book xD. I just know guardian will be first profession no doubt, just can’t decide between norn or Human. Human fits a lot better from a lore standpoint, but norn are a lot bigger making the guardian look more like a tank in front kind of person… plus the transformations.

The gold-gem exchange is going to fluctuate during game play. They said there will be people watching that closely. And why do you think you would have to spend real money to swap for gold anyways? You make more as the character progress (i.e. better drops and higher priced vendor trash). By the time you can wear the cultural armor you should have most if not all the money required to buy it with just the ingame gold you have collected on that toon since creation.

Given that we’re about a week away from the head start they may have decided to close prepurchase sales. They did mention back in April that they might do that shortly before release. Thisis guesswork in my part, however. I may have been forced to hear ‘Call Me Maybe’ for the first time last week since I was stuck in a restaurant, but I will never use twitter! A lot of people avoid twitter though, so I wouldn’t count on it.


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